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You get results, plain and simple. Results some find hard to believe at first.

It’s all possible due to ego-free PR services. My team and I explain things the way they are – and we understand that this approach isn’t for everyone. We do our research, provide individual attention, and let you make your own mind up. Take things one step at a time.

Your ROI is the focus – when you know how to increase it, you’ll make good PR decisions.



During this free 30-minute Session we’ll talk about:
  • Stages of PR ROI: Disruption, Exposure, Influence (the three main components), and finally, Power. Hard facts only. The more familiar you are with JoTo methods, the deeper we can go.
  • Where You’re Losing Revenue from Poor PR Strategy: Objective and no-nonsense look at what your PR strategy is today and where you could be doing better. You’re likely bleeding money. We’ll see where.
  • Where You Have Potential PR Liabilities: Could there be a crisis on the horizon that you either can’t see or have, ahem, refused to see? We’ll take a look at areas where you may be vulnerable to a PR crisis.
  • Timeline for You to Reach Key Opinion Leader Status: We give you the true estimation of effort that it would take for your company to reach prime opinion leader status in your business niche, including a competitive analysis.

At the end you’ll get a summary and understand
which steps to take on your way to Anti-PR success*

*No strings attached, no obligations. If going further with Anti-PR isn’t for you, you still get all the professional consulting and strategic education for free. I’ve seen too much manipulation and hidden agendas in this industry. Don’t plan on adding to it. 

I’m also that confident in JoTo PRTM methods. And so are our clients:

  • “Karla Jo Helms and her firm JoTo PR has significantly helped us amplify our exposure, not just in numbers but more importantly in the quality and relevance of our messages. This is the kind of gain that helps build a stable future for Chargebacks911 and open windows of opportunity that were not possible before” – Monica Eaton, Founder Chargebacks911
  • “We had attempted traditional means of gaining media attention without much success. However, JOTO PR understands the media as a business and could translate our company’s story and our mission into interest and exposure. Our influence is now palpable. A year ago, I was struggling for media attention. Now, the media is coming to me for my expertise, and we’re being recognized as the important industry player we actually are.”  – Stuart Long, CEO InfoBionic

  • “The public relations initiatives we’ve implemented with JoTo PR have yielded tremendous results. We now have a growing client base and enthusiastic affirmations as to the effectiveness of our training system. These successes would not be possible if we hadn’t actively focused on building awareness and credibility. JoTo PR is great to work with, is an expert in the PR field and gets us great results.” – Stu Sjouwerman, CEO & Founder KnowBe4