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You get results, plain and simple. 

At JOTO PR Disruptors, we explain things the way they are. We do our research, provide individual attention, and let you make up your own mind. 

With this FREE 30-minute evaluation, you will learn:

  1. How Well Your Current PR Strategy Performs: Get an objective and no-nonsense look at your current PR strategy and where you could be doing better. 
  2. Your Potential PR Liabilities: Could there be a crisis on the horizon that you either can’t see or have--ahem--refused to see? We’ll look at areas where you may be vulnerable to a PR crisis.
  3. The Timeline for You to Reach Opinion Leader Status: We give you a true estimation of the effort it would take for your company to reach prime opinion leader status in your business niche, including a competitive analysis.

At the end of the call, you’ll get a summary and understand which steps to take on your way to Anti-PR success.

There are no strings attached, no obligations. If going further with Anti-PR isn’t for you, you still get all the professional consulting and strategic education for free. We've seen too much manipulation and hidden agendas in this industry, and we won't be part of that.

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Client Testimonials

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"JOTO PR has made sure the world knows about InfoBionic, and now we are telling the world that we are indeed the very best choice for remote cardiac monitoring."

Karen Jimenez, Senior Director of Marketing, InfoBionic

"With JOTO PR Disruptors' Anti-PR Strategy, we have gotten media exposure that increased our website traffic by 266% in 8 months."

Heather Gonzalez,  VP Global Communications, Technologent

"JOTO PR really gets it. They matched our fast-paced, no-nonsense business approach and kept pace with us, helping Payscout to stay one step in front of our growth curve. "

Cleveland Brown, Founder & CEO Payscout, Inc.

Why Anti-PR?

We’re tired of PR hype that doesn’t deliver real results. We measurably impact our customer's revenue, using a proven formula to calculate how much press you need to turn the tide of public opinion and become the well-known brand in your space.

Our team comes from crisis management, where time is not a luxury. Our approach is rooted in math and science, so it’s hyper-focused on setting measurable goals and achieving results. That means you get real, quantifiable ROI for PR. 



Research & Plan

Get smart market research and a strategic communications plan for measurable ROI

Publicity & PR

The right media exposure to gain brand credibility & turn the tide of public opinion

Social Media

Obtain social proof by leveraging your publicity and PR to add third-party validation